New Age Tech Companies; Shares to Invest

New Age Tech Companies; Hidden Gems
New Age Tech Companies; Shares to Invest
New Age Tech Companies; Shares to Invest

New Age Tech Companies; Shares to Invest

Disclaimer: This article is for education purpose only. We are not advising or suggesting any investment or trade in these stocks.

New age tech companies are typically associated with a culture of innovation, agility, and rapid growth. They challenge conventional norms, disrupt established industries, and often prioritize user experience and customer-centric approaches. In recent past many such companies have listed on Indian stock exchange. Today we are going understand 2 companies in our part 1.

Route Mobile-New Age Tech Company

Route Mobile

Established in 2004, Route Mobile is a renowned publicly listed company, specializing in Cloud Communications Platform services.

As a leading provider of Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) solutions, they serve a diverse clientele, including enterprises, over-the-top (OTT) players, and mobile network operators (MNO). Route Mobile comprehensive portfolio encompasses messaging, voice, email, SMS filtering, analytics, and monetization solutions.

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By adhering to CPaaS principles and integrating Conversational AI, we offer a wide array of communication products across various industries such as social media, banking, e-commerce, and travel aggregation.

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, we have a global presence spanning the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

Business Segments:

  1. Enterprise: Route mobile empower enterprises with cloud-based communication platforms that facilitate digital communication through multiple channels like RCS, A2P/P2A messaging, and two-way messaging.
  2. Mobile Operator: In this segment, key services include SMS analytics, firewall and filtering solutions, monetization, CPaaS, and hubbing solutions.
  3. Business Process Outsourcing: They offer a range of client support services, technical support, booking and collection services.

Route Mobile Financials

Route Mobile P&L

Route Mobile Products & Services:

  1. Messaging: Offerings include A2P messaging, RCS business messaging, CPaaS solutions, number lookup, and omni-channel communications.
  2. Operator: Route Mobile provide PaaS, Route Shield, Instant Virtual Number, SMS Hub, and more.
  3. Voice: Voice solutions cover outbound dialing, interactive voice response, call patching, call center services, SMS-to-Call, Click-to-Call, and missed calls.
  4. Email: They offer the Route Mailer service.
  5. Identity Solution: Mobile identity as a service includes Verified SMS and Brandi5.
  6. Bespoke Solutions: They provide Verbatim, tailored to specific requirements.
  7. Payment as a Service: OmniCent enables seamless payment solutions.
  8. Collaborative Solutions: CLAP and CLAP Co-Browsing facilitate collaborative experiences.

Affle India Limited-New Age Tech Company

Founded in 1994, is a global technology company known for its proprietary consumer intelligence platform. Affle platform revolutionizes advertisements by transforming them into personalized recommendations, enabling marketers to effectively engage and drive transactions with potential and existing users. With a focus on mobile advertising, we offer a range of services and solutions to help businesses acquire customers, enhance user engagement, and leverage data analytics.

Services Offered:

A) Consumer Platform: Affle assist companies in acquiring customers both online and offline through mobile advertising. Revenue model is based on a Cost Per Converted User (CPCU), which includes new user conversions (online), existing user repeat conversions (online), and new/existing user conversions (offline).

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B) Enterprise Platform: They provide end-to-end solutions for enterprises to enhance their mobile user engagement. This includes app development for third parties, enabling offline businesses to venture into e-commerce with direct-to-consumer aspirations, delivering enterprise-grade data analytics for online and offline companies, and offering cloud services.

Affle India Limited Financial

Affle P&L

Solutions Offered:

a) CDP for Marketing Automation: Affle Data & Audience Intelligence Platform helps businesses grow their ROI by providing valuable insights and enabling effective marketing automation.

b) Online to Offline Businesses: They facilitate omnichannel customer journeys, converting online impressions into offline sales and bridging the gap between digital and physical retail.

c) Technology Enabled by a Rich Patent Portfolio: Affle possess a robust patent portfolio in areas such as consumer acceptable advertising, messaging, search, and ad fraud detection, enabling us to deliver innovative and effective solutions.

d) High Engagement Video, Rich Media & Native Ad Experiences: The platform offers engaging ad experiences, leveraging data-driven targeting and retargeting algorithms to drive user engagement and conversions.

e) Behavior, Transaction & Attribution Data-based Decisions: Leverage structured data sets to drive prediction and recommendation algorithms, enabling businesses to make informed decisions based on user behavior, transactions, and attribution data.

International Presence: Affle has a global presence in India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, North America, Europe, Japan, Korea, and Australia, serving clients across diverse markets.

Patents: Affle have filed 21 patents, with 6 granted in the United States and 15 filed across other jurisdictions, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and intellectual property protection.

Clientele: Clientele includes TATA 1mg, Rei de Pitaco, Alive by AIA, Swiggy, Fossil, G Cash, Worten, and many more prominent brands.

Platforms: Affle offer a range of platforms, including Appnext, Jampp, MaaS, FaaS, Mediasmart, mTraction Enterprise, Rev X, and Vizury, catering to various aspects of mobile advertising and user engagement.

Acquisitions: Affle have made strategic acquisitions to enhance our capabilities. For example, we acquired Jampp (Ireland) Limited to strengthen our control over the company and its intellectual property assets. Affle also acquired a significant equity ownership in Appnext to expand our reach and offerings.

Disinvestment: In FY22, Affle settled a call option related to a minority investment sold to Affle Global Pte. Ltd. (AGPL) for a cash consideration.

Disclaimer: This article is for education purpose only. We are not advising or suggesting any investment or trade in these stocks.