The impact of S. Jaishankar’s leadership as Foreign Minister

The impact of S. Jaishankar’s leadership as Foreign Minister

Subrahmanyam Jaishankar is an Indian diplomat and politician serving as the Minister of External Affairs of the Government of India since 30 May 2019

S. Jaishankar was born into a Tamil Brahmin family in Delhi, India, to the prominent Indian strategic affairs analyst, commentator, and civil servant K. Subrahmanyam.

Jaishankar’s father, late K Subrahmanyam, was an Indian civil servant and an advocate for nuclear weapons.

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He is mostly identified as the premier ideological champion of India’s nuclear program.

Which began with India’s first ‘peaceful’ Smiling Buddha nuclear test in 1974 and culminated with the 1998 ‘Shakti’ series of weapons tests, both in Pokhran, Rajasthan.

Jaishankar joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1977 and served in various capacities throughout his career.

From 1985 to 1988, he was the First Secretary at the Indian Embassy in Washington, D.C. From 1988 to 1990.

He served in Sri Lanka as First Secretary and political adviser to the Indian Peacekeeping Force.

From 1990 to 1993, he was Counsellor (Commercial) at the Indian mission in Budapest.

From 2004 to 2007, Jaishankar served as Joint Secretary (Americas) at the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi.

In this capacity, he was involved in negotiating the US-India civil nuclear agreement and improving defense cooperation.

In 2007, he helped former prime minister Dr Man Mohan Singh with the Civil Nuclear deal.

Jaishankar was appointed as India’s Ambassador to the United States in September 2013, taking charge on December 23, 2013.

In 2013 Sujatha Singh’s appointment as Foreign Secretary of India, was criticized by some due to her lack of experience in holding key diplomatic offices, particularly her not having served as ambassador to any of India’s neighboring nations.

It was seen as a challenge, especially in the context of India’s complex relations with its neighbors.

S. Jaishankar, who was seen as a strong contender for the position of Foreign Secretary, had extensive experience in diplomatic roles, including serving as India’s ambassador to China and the United States.

Many felt that his experience in dealing with India’s key strategic partners and rivals would have been an advantage in the role of Foreign Secretary.

Upon retirement, he joined Tata Sons as the President of Global Corporate Affairs.

In 2019, he was conferred with Padma Shri, India’s fourth-highest civilian honor.

On May 30, 2019, he was sworn in as a cabinet minister in the second Modi ministry and was made the Minister of External Affairs on May 31, 2019.

He is the first former Foreign Secretary to head the Ministry of External Affairs as a Cabinet Minister.

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